ESE 2021 Exam Pattern

Preliminary Stage

Paper – IObjectiveGeneral Studies & Engineering Aptitude2 hours200 marks
Preliminary StagePaper – IIObjectiveEngineering Discipline3 hours300 marks
Paper – IConventionalEngineering Discipline – I3 hours300 marks
Paper – IIConventionalEngineering Discipline – II3 hours300 marks
200 marks

  1. To clear the prelims stage it is necessary to get at least 15% of marks in each paper, one must aim to score more than 50% in each paper or 250+ marks overall in Prelims; this may vary branch to branch.
  2. The short listing ratio for Mains Examination is considerably higher depending on the vacancies and is generally around 1:12 i.e. 12 persons are shortlisted for 1 post.
  3. The minimum cut off marks to clear the Mains stage is 20% in each paper, i.e., one needs to score at least 60 marks in each of the papers to be eligible for the Interview stage. To be sure of getting an interview call, one must aim and score at least 50% in each of the mains paper or 300+ marks overall, however, this may vary branch to branch and year to year depending on the difficulty level of the paper.
  4. The calling ratio for personal Interview is generally 1:3 i.e. 3 candidates will be called for filling up 1 post.
  5. Next stage is the interview, the interview is a total of 200 marks and a good candidate gets marks in the range of 100-120.
  6. Last candidate to be recommended scores around 55 to 58 % of the total marks.