General Studies Course



Schedule of course completion: We have completed the video lectures as per ESE exam. If anything else will be required for ESE 2024 and 2025 examinations, it will be covered through extra topics; no single topic will be left out. You can start your preparation with Target IES.

1. Standards and Quality practices

2. Energy and Environment

3. Design and Drawing

4. Project Management 

5. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

6. Material Science and Engineering

7. Engineering Aptitude

8. Engineering Ethics

9. Engineering Mathematics

10. Current Affairs (Static)

11. Monthly Current Affairs (Uploaded every month)

12. Practice Questions



Important Points Regarding this  course:

  • Target IES notes cover all concepts and questions from the top 3 coaching institute class notes.
  • Updated course according to the syllabus of ESE-2024 & 25.
  • Extra topics will be covered according to:
  1. Anything newly added topic by any coaching institute.
  2. On the demand of students.
  3. As per the requirement of ESE-2024 & 25.
  • Faculty will teach you as a personal tutor until your selection.
  • Target IES gives you a guarantee of a minimum of 80% of questions in ESE and GATE.
  • The material will be valid for a lifetime. You can download the videos.
  • Career guidance, upcoming job analysis with proper guidance, and motivational support.
General Studies Course